Thursday, February 02, 2006

Slash and Burn ...

My first car was a 1986 Chevy Celebrity, my neighbor still drives one.

Last night as we lay down to bed a clatter arose and some of our friends engaged in a domestic dispute. I went outside to break it up, and my one friend started demanding I go get her a knife ... I replied no and directed her boyfriend into our living room to diffuse the situation. Big A had all the keys in his pocket and would not put down his 40 of Brandy, so our other friend boosted her little son into a broken window to go get her a knife, which she then used to slash all of her car tires with; thus enabling her boyfriend unable to escape. She felt better after slashing all four tires and came over to hang out so we were like, lets have cell! So we broke out the Fanta and sweet tea and shared with our neighbor's for a few hours, sharing some fellowship and worship. You probably will not find this chapter in a Willow Creek manual but it seems to work in the hood. So that was our first Cell meeting. Who says Cell group has to be scheduled ?
Maybe it could just happen on its own.



winning the world for jesus said...

that is so awesome :D
Miss you both very much :D

Bret said...

Praise God for you all. You are a city on a hill - a light shining in the dark.


Sean Sauve said...

And He turned the choas to order

Bless you