Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Check out the new blog for 614 Charlotte

HOPE is RISING in Charlotte North Carolina...

Captain Sanda Pawar & Ashish Pawar are beginning a new chapter in the J.T. Williams Neighborhood of Charlotte North  Carolina. 

Visit often to see pics and read all about their adventures at Charlotte 614 - where Hope is Rising Everyday. 

Monday, August 11, 2008

Important Update!

Announcement - Leadership Change of 614 Charlotte

Captain Sandra Pobjie ________________________________

I am the new Director of the Charlotte 614 Outpost!!!!!!!YAY!!!!!!!I am super excited, super blessed, super humbled and totally ready to get there and begin.....I will be following in the footsteps of some amazing and godly people, people who have dome some amazing things in that community and so that is scary.....but I am excited to be continuing on with what they have all started......they have all set the bar really high...it is going to be an adventure thats for sure.....And the best part Ashish can come with me....yay..I can live with my HUSBAND once we are married...how wonderful!!!!!!!So if you want to know more about how I feel about this amazing appointment read the post below....otherwise just rejoice with me!!!!!!!

Continue to DREAM

Over the last few months my heart had been stirring and my mind has been whirling with ideas, with hopes and with dreams, my prayers have been specific and expectant......On friday some of the most important of my prayers were answered ....and so all weekend, my heart was stirring even more, my mind constantly thinking, dreaming, hoping....It is such a beautiful place to be, right where I know I should be....a place where so many of the dreams I have kept in my heart for years are beginning to see fruit...I feel myself becoming alive again, alive with passion and hope....When I was younger I read a few books that changed my life and my prayers...I read Chasing The Dragon by Jackie Pullinger and I prayed that I would one day have a ministry like her.....I read No Compromise about Keith Green and prayed that I would have an open home/ community like him and his wife....I read a book called Passion and Purity by Elisabeth Elliot and prayed for a romance like that.......and now years later I see my prayers coming to pass...it is amazing....the way Ashish and I met, the things we have been through to be together is right from the pages of her book, where I am heading and the ministry opportunities available to me soon is just like Jackie Pullinger and Keith Green...it is incredibly humbling to see how God has caused all my hopes and dreams to collide, to come together....it is humbling and exciting...I think I have learned my lesson...I have learnt that God does hear our prayers, even the silent one we quickly pray as we read a page in a book, I have learnt that he loves to please his children, he loves to bless them and he loves to give them good gifts....I have learnt that I don't need to be afraid to ask him for what I want...and that I can be expectant that he will answer and that he will give our hearts desires...A few months ago I found out some information, that there would be an opening somewhere...I decided I would write to people in the know and tell them I wanted to be a part of something....but my Dad in his wisdom said NO...and so I prayed and I prayed and I prayed....i began to feel like I wanted this too much and God would see that and not answer in the way I wanted....but then I continued to pray and to believe....my heart stirred with visions and with hope and I just prayed.....AND God answered my hearts desired and I am humbled.......of course he still would have been a good God if those prayers not answered, but the fact that he has heard me all these years, the fact that he has answered my prayers so specifically is amazing....Why am I telling you all this....I guess as a testimony....as a reminder to let you know and to remind myself that God is a good God, he hears our prayers, he loves to bless his children and we don't need to be afraid to come to him with the desires of our hearts...and to remind ourselves that God is the one that plants those dreams and hopes in our hearts in the first place....be hopeful. be expectant and just pray and wait for him to answer....cause he will!!!!!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Thursday, February 21, 2008

And the winner is ..... Corporal Travis Roberts

Hey guys, thanks for all the encouragement and prayer.

Corporal Travis Roberts, TWC Martyr and a Phase II Grad, has been named interim urban outpost director in Charlotte. He is well suited and well on fire for the appointment.

He has been with us in Charlotte for almost the whole two years and has literally run straight into gunfire to protect the local kids. Thats the main requirement for a position around here.

He really did!

Travis has a deep love for Jesus' friends and the able hands to do something about it. My only regret is that I will miss him being with us in Toronto. He is able and so is he.

This blog will continue to be up and running so that you can to continue to get updates from Travis' team in Charlotte.

We will have a new one soon.


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Long Time Eh!

As of March Heather and I will be living in Canada full time again.

We are going to begin a new season and a new ministry in Toronto. We will be developing an after-school program for a local church and leading nieghbourhood outreach.

More details to come.

Love you all.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Resolutions !

This is a copy of WBz New-Year resolution back in the day.

SIX RESOLUTIONS by William Booth (age 20)

1. That I will rise every morning sufficiently early to wash, dress, and have a few minutes, not less than 5, in private prayer.

2. That I will, as much as possible, avoid all that babbling and idle talk in which I have lately so sinfully indulged.

3. That I will endeavor in my conduct and deportment before the world and my fellow servants especially to conduct myself as a humble, meek and zealous follower of Christ, and by serious conversation and warning endeavor to lead them to think of their immortal souls.

4. That I will read no less than four chapters in God’s Word every day.

5. That I will strive to live closer to God, and to seek after holiness of heart and leave providential events with God. 6. That I will read over this every day or at least twice a week. “God help me, enable me to cultivate a spirit of self-denial and to yield myself a prisoner of love to the redeemer of the world.”

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

It was my absolute joy today to sit at the Playhouse and listen to my little friend Tamar read out loud to me the story she has a test on tomorrow. Uncle Jed's Barbershop. She's a great reader for her age and the story was pretty good too. I admit that I had to raise an eyebrow at the fact that though she stumbled over words like "though" and "lather" she didn't miss a beat on "segregation."

Saturday, January 05, 2008

In the dust of the Rabbi

I was sitting Ray Vander Laan's feet today. He is a greatly gifted teacher. Check out ... http://www.followtherabbi.com/.

I could go into so much, but I just want to keep it simple. He reminded me that Covenant is about relationship. It's not a deal or a contract, it's a relationship. I thank God that our relationship is in the context of covenant.
Another cool take on covenant is marriage, he taught that the covenant of marriage is not between a man and a woman but rather between God and a couple. I like that.