Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Juan and San Quan

There exists a disunity amongst the American races that is vividly reminiscent of the White/Black struggles this country has endured, however it is not one between African Americans and Caucasians but a hatred between African Americans and Latinos. This experience has both surprised me and overwhelmed me. I expected that all the non-caucasian races would be unified against the 'man', but this is not the case. Many African Americans I have met have expressed a sobering hate towards American Latinos that eerily matches the vehemence expressed towards blacks by whites decades earlier.
My heart is so torn here in this country at the amount of evil the inhabitants harbour for one other. I see symbols like CSA(confederate states of America)dixie pins in the local gas stations. I see hats with Gen. Robert Lee's figure encaptioned by "American Hero." It was only last month that the confederate flag was removed from the South Carolina capital building, and even then it was merely moved to a less prominent monument across the street.
I see confederate flags hanging all over, many of them stating "IT'S HISTORY NOT HATE."

It is at this place of brokeness I am taught to hope by two very special children, Juan and Quan, two young kids who have befriended us in our new neighbourhood. They come over for supper most nights, and hide here when their parents have abused them. They have experienced more hardship than most who are twice their age and have very little self-esteem at all, but they are best friends.

They do not see themselves as enemies or competitors, they just love each other in a place where there isn't much human love for either of them. They're only 7 and 11 but I am learning so much from them. It may seem difficult to equate an entire nations evil into such a simple solution, but we really must.

God teach us reconciliation and repentance and show us how to be filled with love like children.

"I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven." Matthew 18:3

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