Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Psalm 75

I was praying The Bible today and dwelt on this Psalm. It was encouraging to be reminded that not only is God in control, but he actually has appointed a specific time to deal with all the Hell based evil we see in this world. Its so easy to become discouraged when were not walking in the knowledge that Justice rolls on like a mighty river that can not be stopped. So picture the most evil thing you have seen or heard about and praise God that in his fullness that evil is made right.


Psalm 75 1We thank you, God, we thank you--your Name is our favorite word;
your mighty works are all we talk about.

2You say, "I'm calling this meeting to order,
I'm ready to set things right.
3When the earth goes topsy-turvy
And nobody knows which end is up,
I nail it all down,
I put everything in place again.
4I say to the smart alecks, "That's enough,'
to the bullies, "Not so fast.'"

5Don't raise your fist against High God.
Don't raise your voice against Rock of Ages.
6He's the One from east to west;
from desert to mountains, he's the One.

7God rules: he brings this one down to his knees,
pulls that one up on her feet.
8GOD has a cup in his hand,
a bowl of wine, full to the brim.
He draws from it and pours;
it's drained to the dregs.
Earth's wicked ones drink it all,
drink it down to the last bitter drop!

9And I'm telling the story of God Eternal,
singing the praises of Jacob's God.
10The fists of the wicked
are bloody stumps,
The arms of the righteous
are lofty green branches.
An Asaph psalm

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Just an update ... bless you'all who have been praying for us, God is so good. We feel so safe and secure in our neighbourhood, God continues to confirm our place here; our neighbours are very welcoming and we are getting many opportunities to minister to the needs in our community we have identified so far, and are really just trying to keep up with Holy Spirit on the move.
He is moving; we have been approved for Territorial Incentive Funding, which means we will be supported financially as we plant an official outpost. On top of that we also received a gift from several Salvation Army elders of 25, 000 Dollars as seed money, so know that all your prayers are being answered in a way that our minds can not perceive.

Thank you for your prayers, if you would like to recieve an update from our front please Email us at heather@thewarcollege.com

How great is our God ?

Thursday, January 26, 2006

The smoking gun# 2

I feel that we have offically become incarnational, last night Heather my Christ life partner, woke abruptly to Five gunshots within close proximity to our front door. I saw her get up as I cowered in fear and called for her to... " get back in bed away from the window." She grogaly said, " I have to go see who's banging on the door, did'nt you hear the knocking?" We spent the next while waiting for the Police and their sirens, coming to start a full investigation of the shooting, but they never came.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Take The Land, NOW !

So Heather, Cory and I, Rob, got home from Roots 06, where we were all blessed wonderfully. Heather and I then got our first night in our new home, Praise the LORD. As we were unpacking I went over to our bedroom window and was like " hey Heather there are two guys with guns outside our window." So Heather did her little normal giggle she usually does when I say funny things. I was serious though, there were two guys pulled onto our lawn and standing with their trunk open brandishing several firearms, so I call Heather over in a more serious tone to check it out, as Heather gets to the window three more cars pull up to our house and two guys run out of those cars on to our lawn holding handguns at the first two guys, after an argument and a small scuffle everyone took off and no one was shot, praise God. We were a little freaked out for a minute considering this all took place three feet from our bedroom window, but as we prayed God filled us and our house with such a wonderfull peace, it was beautiful and such a gift. I began to invoke a scripture Gram Kendrich prophised over the Roots 06 delegation, it is from Psalm 125 vs 3 and it says

" The septer of the wicked will not remain over the land allotted to the
righteous ... "
Wow, this is our promise as soldiers; in our 24/7 War Room in Vancouver there is a banner that says "Take the Land." I believe this is our call as Salvation Soldiers, to reclaim the worst parts, the most frightening parts of Gods earth, remembering that we do this by his Spirit, in his Name, to which every Knee will bow and every Demon shudders, NICE! I dont want any special props for being hardcore, cause I am not, I do however want to see more and more of Gods Soldiers "Marching as to War."I believe we will win if we fight in the strength of the King.