Monday, February 13, 2006

Cupids bread knife

Valentines day is on the horizon.
Tonight as we were getting ready for bed a fight broke out on our lawn, Heather looked out the window and thought one of our friends was holding a knife. One of her boyfriends, who still has a key and will not give it back, crept into her bedroom and woke her by lifting her up by her hair. She grabbed the large bread knife that she sleeps with and began "sawing" his hand until he let go. They fought inside until she could get out the front door where Heather saw her and brought her inside. She was still holding the bloody knife, so we calmed her down and Heather has taken her out for a coffee, hopefully to assure her and support her. To let her know she is safe and secure. That she does not have to be afraid anymore. That everything will be OK ... But all that is not true. She can even stay at our house tonight, or even for a week, but eventually she will have to go back home. Home alone where fear and terror will grip her with reason. Through relationship and community there is relief, salvation, and hope, it is real and in her future; I know it, but that path is one of process and patience. Community looks like lives coming together and relationship sometimes looks like getting a scared young girl to let go of a bloody knife. How can you fix all that in one night, with one visit to Dunk 'N' Doughnuts. You can't, but you can take one step closer.

One step closer to Jesus and one step closer to each other.

PS : These stories are not meant to declare our mission heroic or romantic, they are just simply a Monday night.



Bret said...

Praise God. . . I say that with conviction. Praise God. I pray for you all and I will pray for your friend.



Anonymous said...

Just simply a monday night, Amen