Monday, February 13, 2006

Powerfully Helpless

So far we have been incredibly blessed, over and over again. But really we should not be. We arrived in America on the 9th of January to begin our lives, and jobs. Our first day in we applied for a Social Security Number and were told at the government office that it would take around sixty days. SIXTY DAYS my mind screamed inside. See that can not be, we have bills to pay, a ministry to start, we just maxed out our credit cards to get here and now we can not get paid for sixty days. I felt defeated, and just then God reminded me of my very own favorite scripture, Matthew chapter 10. (I knew that if I kept on preaching it God would make me live it too.)

Vs 9-10 Don't take any money with you; don't even take a duffel bag with extra clothes and shoes, or even a walking stick

Now I'm not telling everyone to go running naked from town to town with nothing. I think God has blessed his Church with relevant "stuff" in order to reach the lost. But I do believe that this scripture is a challenge. A statement between the lines directly from the Father. He is saying that he blesses boldness and faith, that he will meet us in accordance to our level of sacrifice. I recently heard a sermon where the soldier challenged us in the west, since we are not being persecuted, to choose to "persecute our comfort." That's good stuff!

Now here is the good part, there is a brilliant Power in Helpless Vulnerability, and God blesses it !
Tenfold, wow that's bold of me, but it is true. So here is were we are at, with no Social Security Number we still have not gotten paid ... but

Someone has lent us a mini-van to use
All our bills have been paid through people giving offerings to us
We have furnished a two bedroom house, with enough to give away the extra furniture
We have two lap top computers
A pantry stuffed to overflowing, and incredible favor with those God has sent us to serve.

Im afraid that once we start getting paid everything will get harder !



Aurora said...

Hey guys! I have to say, the same story has been for me! I have yet to see an official paycheck coming from Bangor corps, but all my bills are well-paid, A car was donated to the Salvation Army, that was in turn gifted to me, I have plenty of food in my cupboards, two cells that are consistently growing in numbers, God is giving me favor with my co-workers and the teens in the corps, as well as one of the Synagogues in the, I love the jewish people! So, praise the Lord for His faithfulness!

primitive salvo said...

Any word yet on SS #?

YOU DONT KNOW MEEEeeee said...

but then you give the money to me and be back to poor as you go...