Wednesday, February 22, 2006

art of WAR

In response to the entire "military" model ...

Many have commented that using the Military model can be hurtfull, for instance to a liberal college student it could be a stumbling block. I agree. Lets just kill this one quick, we are to make the gospell attractive, so says brother Paul, and if presenting the gospel this way to rich, PCers presents a barrier, don't do it! Lets be biblical and " Be all things to all people." " Lawfull to the lawfull" "Lawless to the lawless, though we are under Christs law" Ect.
Now, here comes the clincher ... get ready to be offended ...

I will be faithful to the purposes for which God raised up The Salvation Army, sharing the good news of Jesus Christ, endeavouring to win others to Him, and in His name caring for the needy and the disadvantaged

Jesus was biased to the poor, they were his favorite, he cared about them the most. sure he went to rich peoples pads for a beer, but he went home at night to the slums. He also came to bring salvation to the whole wide world, he just understood that the whole wide world begins in the slums, that once the poor, the lame and the oppressed fell in love with him that then his message would be what he said it was ... a kingdom that can not be shaken, what better guide to Christ than a blind man that can see.

As Soldiers we need all kinds in our ranks, we need Doctors, Lawyers, Moneymakers, Artists, Carpenters, Athletes, Polititions and Celebrities , but we need them to live out the SPIRIT of Salvationism, not the spirit of church, and this covenanted annointing can only be righteous when poured out in worship to God and making direct advocacy on behalf of the poor.

I will be true to the principles and practices of The Salvation Army, loyal to its leaders, and I will show the spirit of Salvationism whether in times of popularity or persecution.





Chris said...

Woohoo - fantastic thinking. Thanks.

Bryan said...

I completely understand your point that abandoning the "war" approach often accompanies a general lack of care for the poor. However, I don't think it's fair at all to say that everyone who disagrees with the "war" metaphor has no commitment to the poor or does so because they are rich, PC, or politically liberal.

I for one think the metaphor does more harm than good, but couldn't be more committed to a life of service - through both TSA and my legal career. My concern with the constant "war" metaphor (especially as it has grown in the last few years) is not based on political correctness - just a different interpretation of how the Biblically mandated commitment to the poor expresses itself. So it's not a "stumbling block" to me personally (and I presume that's the case with most others who responded earlier); rather, an ideology that I find often dwarfs the requirement to love our enemies and places a premium on self-righteousness instead of humility. We have to constantly try to reconcile these two impulses to have a complete picture of the Gospel.

In the end, though, it's just a question of semantics. I know we've never met, but I enjoy hearing about your ministry. It's about time that the Army in the US starts taking the city seriously!

patrick lyons said...

In the previous blog, angel marie contended that we could not use the war terminology with her fellow legal students. I say she is correct ... those law students need Jesus - He loves them, in fact, and He has sent her as an evangelist to them.

And there are alot of churches full of lawyers and doctors adn other young upwardly mobile professionals. If only God would raise up a church to send to the people "Christian" society no longer cares for...

So who do we sent to pimps? Christian pimps? Christian s? Christian -heads? There are some churches with active ministries to the fringe, but not nearly enough. (I think every church ought to be.)

We were birthed in the slumy, crime-infested streets doing what noone else was willing to do. Show me a presb. or southern bab. church not willing to reach out to a lawyer. I'll show you a bunch of them with no time for a .

My point: There are 50 churches in town trying to reach out to and attract from the same pool of people. One thing I have discovered as I journey with the poor in my community - they have no use for religion adn are tired of churches who don't really care.

They trust The Salvation Army adn don't mind that we are different. SO I will not waste a second of my time trying to be like all the other churches who vye for one more person to come into in church. I want to be a part of our weird old army and take church to them be relevant to the cause of Christ as we go about meeting human needs adn preaching the gospel.

I do not care if my uniform or terminology is no longer relevent in pop culture as long as my ministry is relevant to those I serve.

And sure, no church would mind if "one of those people came in." I had one of my congregation say, "We don't care if a black person comes in our church." I asked that person, "When was the last time you went to them?"

(I posted this in the last blog as well.)