Friday, October 27, 2006

An oldie, but a goodie...

The following are excerpts from a preach back in February of this year given by Pastor John Chacha

The Year of the Breakthrough -
How to Breakthrough into God's Will for Your Life

Myths and False Mindsets
Running the mile in under 4 minutes used to be a barrier, until someone broke through that barrier. At one time, no one thought it could be done, and now even kids in high school are running it.
As long as your mindset and mentality is programmed wrong, then it stands between you and your achievement, and the fullness of God's plan for your life.

Fear and the Chicken
When fear (especially fear of change) and intimidation ensnare us, we start acting like chickens.
If you're going to be a chicken, at least decide that you're not going to be a pie - that instead you're going to fly.
Try challenging your own ways of thinking and decision making. Rock your boat. Change things up. You've been timid, all tied up in yourself far too long and you will never be what you were born to be as long as you are pecking around on the ground, eyes always looking down in the dirt, with that itty bitty chicken perspective. Kick that chicken out of you! If you hold on to the chicken mentality you will end up in the oven.
Did you ever eat an eagle for Sunday dinner? No.
Have you ever had chicken?

Put your past behind you...
Allowing the past to contaminate your future is just bad programming. Reboot! Our backgrounds are designed to equip us for His calling, to bring experience in particular areas and to push us through difficult, 'tight' spots, so that when we pop out on the other side trials, we emerge with victory and authority in that area. God wants US to be the stronghold, so that when the devil looks at us he thinks; "I can't break through that."

Lack of knowledge
My people perish for lack of knowledge. What part of the newspaper do you read? What books are on your shelf? What channels do you watch on TV?
Educating yourself is key in today's world, so that you aren't brainwashed, led astray or just left behind.
In the same way, spiritually educate yourself by seeking out the will of God for your life, discovering who you are in Christ, and asking Him what He thinks about you. Have knowledge of these things, then, when anything contrary comes to you, then you can brush it off, readily disagreeing and dismissing it, because you'll know that it's not the heavenly truth about you.

Breakthrough the stronghold of ignorance. When we are ignorant of the truth about ourselves, we are poor, because the devil will come and steal what is rightfully ours, but we won't see it because we don't know what is ours.

Elisha was bound by lack of knowledge - he was a farmer and thought that was his destiny until Elijah stopped by and Elisha had a revelation - he stopped short and said 'what am I doing behind these cows?'
Immediately he began changing things in his life, because he had knowledge of his true destiny.

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