Monday, October 09, 2006

If I were never born ...

My friend Mia, not her real name, was writing in her journal on my porch and I asked her what she liked to write about. She told me it was her journal and that she liked to write about her life. She is a recruit in one of our cell groups and one of the most talented teen-agers I have met. Her journal entry was about how she is now homeless 'cause her Mom smoked too much crack and could not pay the rent-man. She told me she keeps asking her Mom why she chooses Crack over her kids, but never gets an answer. She told me it would just be easier if she was never born, then she wouldn't be homeless and unloved. Mia is 15 and in grade 10, a straight A student and in love with animals, her dream is to be a Vet. Today when she went to her Mothers boyfriends house she just got yelled at, she was told that she was a s--t and that she was pregnant, that she was going to end up just like her Mom. She sat there crying saying, Im not, I do not do those things, Im even a virgin, but no one will believe me.

Mia has been staying partly with her Aunt and partly at our girls War College dorm, where she is being discipled and loved, and I know that's enough, that Jesus is enough, but what scars are put there by a mother who curses her daughter with death. Mia is saved, she is in love with Godly community and worship and Jesus. And that is amazing.

The hard part is that Mia may only be around for a short time, weeks or months. Can there be enough seeds planted in 6 months to carry her through the next 6 years ?
Yes God can, he has imperishable seeds, ones that last forever ! It still hurts watching them grow through thorns of death. I hate what God hates more and more.

Come LORD Jesus come.


soulpadre said...

Are you planning to do a BTI in Charlotte? It sounds like you have the grist for it in this core group of officers and soldiers around you right now! Blessings on you!

Thinking Aloud said...

Your presence in the neigborhood is really important and is making a difference. Bless you all in your hard but rewarding work.

Love you