Wednesday, October 18, 2006

from the heart of a missionary...

You don't witness pain and not share the cure

You don't behold poverty and not become poor

You don't say 'I'll pray for you' and not cry out each day
You don't say 'be a hero' without showing the way

You don't see injustice and not fight to defeat
You don't preach 'love your neighbour' without compassion on the street

You don't proclaim spiritual war and neglect the front row
You don't ask 'Whom shall He send' without saying 'I will go'

You don't exhort humility and not wash another's feet

You don't move as His body without a heart to His beat

You see their tears, you shed your own, for four full years, You've shown us Home...thank you Jesus


1 comment:

Joe West said...

sometimes i'm really crappy to people on the street :(