Monday, October 23, 2006

A Boy and His Cat

At cell group on Saturday, while we were drawing pictures, one of the boys drew this (above).
He drew it because he was impacted by an event.
You see, earlier on in the afternoon, after we had shared lunch together he had been distracted by a stray cat laying outside our door in the grass. Since he loves cats, he wanted to check it out. So he and I crept carefully out the door, towards the cat.
He was the first to notice that the cat had blood coming out of its eyes, and as a sensitive little boy, he was greatly disturbed by this.
It was obvious that the cat had been in a fight with another cat, and that's where the bloody scratches had come from.
Now, to be honest, I don't love cats, (don't blame me, it's a generational thing!) but the poor little boy was distraught. Could we bring him in? Could we give him a band-aid? Could I pet him?

Yikes. Umm no, no and definetely (shudder - pet a bloody outside cat?) no.

We settled on bringing the cat a dish of milk so that it wouldn't be hungry. It was SOO funny/cute, because the little boy just would not leave that cat alone, in fact he dragged a lawn chair over so that he could sit right next to the cat and watch it eat, chatting to it in a high-pitched little boy voice.
The cat was SO not into it, and soon fled, little boy running close behind, his chubby little legs pumping as fast as they could go.

Needless to say, the cat got away.

The boy came inside to draw a picture of it all. He drew the cat. He drew the blood and he drew the dish. All self-explanatory.
Then he drew the cross.
I also noticed that he put Rob's name at the top of the paper.

"Great picture," I said, "but what does it mean?"

"That's the cross and it means love, and I love this cat and want it to get better, and I love Rob too, he's my best friend."

Theology from a 6 year old (thanks Rob)...sounds bang-on to me.


Jennifer said...


Stephanie said...

That's beautiful! (the picture, the story, the boy, you & your work...
...maybe not the cat, though!)

Anonymous said...

awhhh i can understand i love cats to! thats so cute! Bless him

MaryAnn M said...

my 42 year old husband found a bleeding stray cat this past week......he couldnt just leave it...compassion ruled. Animal E.R. visit and surgery...
$2,000 later we have a cat that we cannot keep as we already have THREE of them....

anyone want a pretty tabby cat that needs a couple weeks of lovin?

Jill Marie said...

That was a beautiful story the drawing was so cute.

Anonymous said...

the kid is 6.