Monday, May 22, 2006

Something to think and pray about this week:

Have you ever prepared to meet somebody who mattered a lot to you?

You reach the door of the room where your friend is waiting, and pause before opening the door. Saint Ignatius suggests this picture as a preparation for prayer.

Gather yourself, with your hand on the door-knob, and think:

Something important is about to happen to me.
Somebody important is waiting for me.
I am walking onto Holy Ground, stepping into Sacred Space, going to meet the Lord of my life, the one whose name is I AM.
I am preparing to invite God to deal with me, to speak to my heart.
I will be receptive.
I do not know what words to say, what thoughts to think, so I trust in the Holy Spirit, who will teach me from the inside.

In that mood of confidence I open the door, to find God looking at me...

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Stephanie said...

I like that...

and I again like your even newer blog look!

winning the world for jesus said...

i also like that,
Love you guys dearly.

Anonymous said...

when im getting ready to see someone who i lvoe and havent seen in awhile...i usually get to where id rather hide than see them...or i have to see them before they see me so i'm not caught off guard. and i never know what to say- is always so awkward..