Tuesday, May 16, 2006

so let me tell you some more about the townhouse we've rented, and why we've rented it. Some of you may be scratching your heads (or shaking them) and saying, why another house? Didn't they just rent a house?


So far, here in JT Williams, we have possession of three buildings. The house that Rob and I live in, which was our first acquisition. Then, in late March, we rented a house across the street, which is our soon-to-be-up-and-operating Community House. I say that because we are just waiting for computer desks and chairs for the 4 computers we had donated, to open it.

While I'm on that topic, does anyone have any desks or chairs kickin' around that they'd like to donate? Please email me at heather@thewarcollege.com.

So the Community House is where Travis Roberts, our kids minister extraordinnaire lives. (www.made4war.blogspot.com ) It's a great spot for it too, right next to the Liquor House (where you can buy booze, smokes, drugs, guns and sodas and freezie pops for the kids) so we know that it draws a crowd and people already like to go there.

Then we come to the townhouse, which is one street over from us, where Andrea and Anthony Castle will live upon their arrival tomorrow from Vancouver. They are missioners from the Holy Session of The War College, they hail from Australia and they are spending the summer laboring alongside us here in the 'hood. (www.andreathinkingaloud.blogspot.com and www.holywarpropaganda.blogspot.com )

Soon we will receive a Salvationist Service Corps, (www.youthdownsouth.org/servicecorps.htm. )made up of three slum sisters and we will expand again, which will put us in good shape spacewise for the Revolution Session of The War College which commences its inaugural year in Charlotte this September (to apply, check out www.thewarcollege.com ).
For now, we're content with a trio of homes from which to minister, live and love.

It's a good thing too, because a house isn't much when it's empty. We've certainly experienced some provisionary miracles over these past 5 months. Rob and I had only lived here for 4 weeks when our furniture came, it was all donated and is actually rather nice and in good shape. We shared most of what we got with needy neighbours and then with Travis when he moved into the Community House. After asking for help at our local Corps, we've received more needed bits of furniture, kitchenware and general household items. We are still asking for beds, couches/chairs, dining room table/chairs, dishes, glasses and that sort of thing. Please email me if you would like to make a donation to a worthy cause!

Through all the din, we are still giddy with anticipation. We're looking forward to the the time when all is operating as it should, with each house being self-sufficient, each inhabitant knowing and interacting with their neighbours and inviting them into their homes and lives. We are curious to see God tip His hand and work out His plan of salvation and healing for our neighbourhood.

Until then, Anthony and Andrea will shower at our place (they have no hot water yet) and all of us will share meals cooked on the stove at our house, eating the food from Travis' house until we can nail down fridges, stoves, hydro and all that jazz.

It's funny, I was thinking today as Rob and I were taking a cracker snack break from cleaning at the townhouse, that even though we don't have everything we need to start a proper house, (my Grandmother would be appalled!) I'm still really excited. Even though some of us will go without for a time so that others can be more comfortable, it's worth it. It is absolutely true that every sacrifice that we make in the Name of the Lord and for the extension of His Kingdom is worth it because we deny ourselves and think of others - and this is the character of Christ. Even more so when you can be cheerful doing it!

We plan on having some pictures of the townhouse online soon, but until then, if you happen to be in the neighbourhood (or even if you're not) stop by our place for a coffee and see for yourself what God's got cooking in the 'hood.

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Linsey New said...

I'm so excited to hear all that God is doing for you guys. I can't wait to just show up there one day and surprise you all! Lord willing of course. Love and miss you all dearly.

winning the world for jesus said...

i like the new look and it is great hearing what the lord is doing in you and through it. it is excited. Heather i agree that you need to come and witness all the things that the lord is doing in me. love you and miss you a lot.
Grace and blessings

Stephanie said...

I thought I had typed in the wrong blog address when I first saw your new design... it is really awesome. I like it. Tilden and I are coming over soon... I really mean it...

I hear that you are going to Women's Camp... have fun!!

Victory of the People said...

LOVE the new look!