Friday, May 05, 2006

How to Build a Community - or - Everyone Loves a List

I found this list @ It is a practical list of things that anyone can do (or avoid doing) in an effort to cultivate real community.

At first glance, the suggestions could seem ridiculously obvious and much to simple. The truth usually looks that way at the get-go, at least until you start digging into it...that's when you realize that there is abundantly more than meets the eye.

So how about this, after checking out the list, leave a comment, indicating what you are going to do, God helping you, in your everyday, ordinary life--your sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking-around life, so that we can be encouraged by one another.

Okay, I'll kick it off - I'm definetely going to work on asking for help when I need it and baking extra...err..ok, I'll just try baking at all...and then sharing it. Betty Crocker cookie mix, here I come.

And you?


Stephanie said...

Yes, that is a good list. So I will support neighborhood schools more and leave my house more. Leave my house more to go to kid's baseball games and to other people's houses and to neighborhood meetings and to art festivals... Intersting that we talked about building community today in Revolution...

Victory of the People said...

perhaps we will organise a block party.

i will dance in the streets.

and talk to the mail carrier

614:firecrest said...

that's what I'm talking I'll hold you accountable Stephanie, by insisting that you come over (!) and Nicole...well, I'm going to enlist Beracah's help to spy on you and your dancing escapades...p.s. our mailman is like, Mr. Friendly - except his name is Aaron...

YOU DONT KNOW MEEEeeee said...

when i get there- i will bake. i am an excellent baker. and if i burn crap all the time- dont quote me on this, ok?
and also...i can cook non-baked stuff...but ont quote me on that, either.

winning the world for jesus said...

talent shows are good
organize a basketball tournment

Aurora said...

I like to say 'hi' to strangers in elevators, or people that pass me by on the streets, or ask the clerk how she's doing for a change!(or he, if that's the case)

Or I give a handful of gummi-bears to the construction guy on the side of the road....that one was fun!

Or I'll say 'hello' to the people doing reno's at our corps this week.