Tuesday, May 16, 2006

some of our goings-on.

wow - what a day it's been so far. And it's only 3:30pm.

we spent the better part of today cleaning out a townhouse we have rented. In my opinion, it's fabulous, there are two stories, big windows, lots of room in the kitchen and space for a dining room table so that folks can sit down together to share a meal. As we pryed the plywood away from the door (apparently people have been sneaking in there and smoking crack) the three of us began to pray and praise God that we are able to expand to a new street in the neighborhood and also give the missionaries that are arriving tomorrow an awesome and spacious place to live. The fact that it's considered 'undesirable' (by the tenants AND the handyman) is even better, because that means that with choosing this location, we are truly going for souls in our neighborhood and going for the worst-the hardest, the meanest, the darkest. Then, when they open their hearts up to God, the transformation will truly be supernatural.

I also praise the Lord because He protects me-even in the 'little' things. While cleaning I came across a pile of razor blades scattered along the tops of the kitchen cupboards. (See Mom! I was cleaning on TOP of the kitchen cupboards!) Of course, I had to stand on the counter to do that (a no-no...I know) but at least I could SEE the space that I was cleaning...that's how I found the razor blades. Fair enough, I commented to Rob and we both sighed and had a nostalgic downtown eastside Vancouver moment, then I threw them away.

Couple of hours later, I was up in the bathroom, not being as careful as I ought to have been when cleaning on top of the mirror/vanity. I was just going to town on that thing because it was filthy dirty-you can imagine how much dirt accumulates in that spot. ANYways, I was sliding a paper towel along the top of the vanity and heard a tinkle, and another razor blade dropped down into the sink. I CAN'T believe that I didn't slice my hand open on that nasty thing...I had forgotten the #1 rule we learned in the DTES...don't put your hand anywhere you can't see it...so really, even though I was careless, the Lord had my back. Seriously, I don't want any nasty diseases...


Moral of the story everyone, when you are cleaning out your crack house, you might want to use rubber gloves, and definetely check for razor blades. Oh, and don't tell your mom that you were standing on the kitchen counter, because not only is that unsanitary, but it's also dangerous! (You could fall and hurt yourself!)

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