Thursday, May 25, 2006

Fuel for the Fire

I received this in my inbox this morning from a fellow workman in the Lord from a more contemplative, intercessory stream of the Church. These are just excerpts from the message, however it confirms what anyone who has a relationship with Holy Spirit and a heart for Charlotte has been sensing for months, and even years...

We've been praying, praying and praying in hundreds of gatherings in recent years for the church in Charlotte: for the unity of the Body, that we would comprehend the vastness of God's love and be "filled with the fullness of God", and that the word
of the Lord would run swiftly and be glorified (among the other prayers given in the New Testament we've continued to pray).

The Body of Christ will languish in complacency and boredom without God raising up teachers and prophetic voices who are authentically hearing the voice of God and perceiving His blueprint in regards to how the Body is to be connected and
engaged together in the cause of Christ.

I'm grateful to say a new day has broken in Charlotte, light is shining and the advancement of the gospel will soon become more pronounced and widespread.

We will see this city impacted with the gospel in tremendous ways in coming months and years.

Bring it on Lord Jesus!
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Andy MacDonald said...

I agree,
I will pray for you guys. Sorry I havent been more committed.
Andy Mac