Saturday, April 08, 2006

World View Skewed

I have noticed there has been a shift in the Church throughout the last several years highlighting that "real" poverty exists only in the third world setting, and that North American poverty is simply chosen lifestyle.
Im not suggesting that we stop sending resources overseas, in fact I think we need to send more, I just think that this world view on poverty can dim our eyes to see the poverty that exists right in our own locale.
Therefore in the fullness of mercy and justice we need to use both arms to touch the poor; one reaching to the worlds poor while the other reaches into our own communities.

Justice gifts have been popular as of late and I thought we could offer you a local front to bless.

If you would like to purchase a home missions gift in kind for someone we will send a card of gratitude to the party it is gifted to.

(Here are some entry level options)

A used refrigerator and stove for a family - $ 57.00 USD

A bed and frame for a child to sleep on (who now sleeps on the floor) - $ 199.00 USD

An employment kit ( resume, postage, two weeks transit fare and League of Mercy follow up and assistance ) $ 55.00 USD

Child hygiene kit ( 8 pr socks, 8 pr underwear, deodorant, body wash, tooth paste and brush ) - $ 30.00

Please enclose the persons name and address if applicable
Make cheques payable to The Salvation Army

Send to :
614 Firecrest Charlotte
2209-2 Alma CT
Charlotte, NC, 28206

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