Monday, April 10, 2006

Good day friends!

Today Rob and I are celebrating the arrival of our brother in Christ and new partner in ministry, Travis Roberts. It was quite an event. We've been pumping Travis' arrival with our neighbourhood kids for the past several days, and so tonight they all piled in the van for the ride to the airport. It was great to watch because none of these kids had even been to such a 'fascinating' place as the airport before. The parked planes blew them away, as well as the conveyor belt that pumps out the luggage.

So there we were, the majority of our 'youth group'oozing with excitement at their soon-to-be friend and basketball teammate's approach. They weren't at all disappointed, Travis is a hit!

All the way home in the van, the children were peppering Travis with questions, alldesigned to get to know him better and figure out what he's going to be doing here.
Most of the kids wanted to know how old Travis was (22), if he liked basketball and video games (an emphatic yes) and if he used to live with his mom (not recently). However, SanQuan hit the mark with "Are you going to be visitin' people?" "Yes." Travis said. "Good," said Quan, "because there's this old guy in our neighbourhood named Joon and he's real lonely and he really needs a friend."
Wow. He's 8 and he gets it.

"With praises from children and from tiny infants,
you have built a fortress. It makes your enemies silent, and all who turn against you are left speechless." Psalm 8:2

I know I was left speechless...God bless the children!

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winning the world for jesus said...

Awesome! That is exciting :D

Shana said...

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Bakes said...

Wow, Heather. I've been catching up on your recent blogs (haven't visited for a while), but this one both gave me chills and brought tears to my eyes. I don't understand people who say that children and youth are the "church of tomorrow." Welcome to today, eh? Hallelujah.

Miss you guys and love you dearly, dearly, dearly. My love to Travis, too.