Monday, April 17, 2006

My new house

I got to see my future house and it smells like The Empress back in Vancouver. Great! I finally found something that is familiar to me.
I spent a few hours cleaning the cabinets and walls, and cleaning the walls again and again, because I would think I had it clean (it doesn’t really look very dirty) and then I would see a spot that I missed and I would clean that spot and then I would need to clean the rest of the wall all over again because that one spot made the rest of the wall look dirty and I would see another spot that I missed and the cycle began again (another vicious cycle that I’ve noticed). But the walls will be painted so I can just wipe off the surface stuff and call it good. I am usually never happy with just doing surface work because it’s but going deeper is so hard that it just seems like it’s not worth it sometimes, but I think that going deeper in a community on a spiritual level is a little more important than cutting through the deep stuff on the walls.
My bathroom has been fixed up though and that it the important part. We worked for a couple of hours and decide that would be good for the day…we don’t want to over exert ourselves while we’re…cleaning walls.
The house will one day be ready and I will be living there, but for now I am content living with Rob and Heather.
Earlier in the day Rob and I took a walk through the neighbor hood and we saw all the houses that are possible spots for TWC students to live. We also saw other communities that we want 614 to branch out into. We then walked through an area of houses that were all boarded up and basically condemned. No one owned them and they weren’t fit for anyone to live in. Rob and I decide to enter one of them (we didn’t break in, the press wood over the door was already broken off) as I walked into this area it was like stepping into a Vancouver alley.
In the alleys of Vancouver there was drug paraphernalia and condoms and nasty clothes that no one would really want to wear and just dirt everywhere. This was all in that one house. So we have the alleys of Vancouver inside the house’s here in Charlotte. I think that might be the norm for Ghetto’s I know that this house is a house that is rundown and condemned but as for the houses who have the drug dealers in them as the father to the kids I wonder if they are essentially living in the Vancouver alley’s?

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Travis Roberts


Sheri said...

wow, sounds like you have your work cut out for more ways than one. if you need any help with cleaning your house, my roommate says i'm a bit obsesive/compulsive about cleaning (the wall would have been a never-ending job for me as well!) i'm sure we could get a group together to help clean your house as well as any other alley's in need. welcome to Charlotte!

anthony n castle said...

Can't wait to come and join you all, I know we are going to have a blast at the same time as working very hard, I hope we don't over exert ourselves too much though, especially at cleaning walls!

Thinking Aloud said...

Sorry, I was logged in as the wrong user! This is Mrs Castle commenting, not Mr Castle.

Christina said...

You guys are awesome. It was good to hang out with the 3 of you the other night!! you and your ministry are in our prayers...