Saturday, April 08, 2006

In Harms WAY

What a weekend, there isn't enough space to share it all so I'll just do the play by play. Last night one of our neighbor's was being chased by her boyfriend who had been beating her for some time. Her 8 year old son ran to my door screaming "please help my Mom." I ran outside and called her over to my house and she ran into my living room, her boyfriend in persuit pushed past me and threw her onto our living room sofa and began to strangle her.
It took me about 5 minutes to loose his grip by twisting his arm around his back and then another 10 minutes to get him out of our house. We called 911 and the ambulance came to tend to our neighbor and her boyfriend was arrested and taken away.
I went back to washing the dishes and the 8 year old boy went to play basketball. The entire situation so normal here that it was more of an inconvenience than a crisis to the neighbor's, so I have been in a semi state of shock for the last 18 hours the only one here able to understand that this is evil and wrong.
I watched an attempted murder on my chesterfield and that is not alright, it is not alright for an 8 year old boy to watch his Mother get beaten on a regular basis, and it is not alright that if I hadn't have been home that no one would have done anything at all.
I took 7 kids to Sunday school this morning, one of them the little boy, and they learned about the cross. The cross will prevail in their lives, not because I wan't it to, but because I demand it. Because without it they will live out a cruel shadow of the life God has planed for them.
God will not let them be forsaken, he will answer them as he loves the cries of the oppressed ... But someone must be there to tell them ... Will you !

In Harms WAY



soulpadre said...

That's right, Rob. It's not alright, it's not just another day in the 'hood! It's a day when God's soldier gets some abusing/abused guy off the couch and face justice. Let's just hope she can keep him out of her house the next time.

Fiona said...

Way to get in the way of harm!!

winning the world for jesus said...

It is not right that is for sure. Continue to be an adovate of justice :D
love ya rob and heather :D

stephen said...

Rob- God be with you.

YOU DONT KNOW MEEEeeee said...

youth councils was this weekend- and a big thing was booths "ill fight" sermon...and seriously...ill fight...

Thinking Aloud said...

Can't wait to be fighting along side you and Heather!

Stephen P. Bell said...

God wins again.