Tuesday, April 18, 2006


I know that people are down on the "Doing the most good" theme, so I decided to try it out ! Hence "Being the most good." In our neighborhood there are many families, with kids, that are without stoves and refridgerators.
Kids literally go hungry cause their parents can't cook, and social workers demand action before intervening by removing children due to neglect. The difference in a families lifestyle after having the ability to prepare healthy meals is substantial. It is literally Good News. Up until these appliances were delivered families had no place to store their babies milk and formula. After the war in Iraq and the Tsunami last year the biggest need was cooking stoves, we couldn't imagine what it would be like to not have the ability to even prepare our children a meal; yet this is a reality for parents in your own community.

So we found several appliances, beds, cribs and strollers, borrowed a Salvation Army trailer and did the most good we could.
Our friend Travis Smith used his own truck to pull the trailer and we furnished two homes with all their essential appliances from donations.
Man there was like 500 sermons in all that heavy lifting, seriously it was a place where our actions met our words and our words told a story about a man named Jesus who loves you so much that he wants your kids to get fed and stop sleeping on the floor.

Thank-you Jesus


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Anonymous said...

Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!

In one sentence - the last - you made me cry that is the essnce of the ministry of Jesus Christ and the essence of the calling He has placed on every believer who claims to follow him.

We are here because of the work He has done in us and we are called to see that work performed both socially and spiritually in others.

I am accused of being "holier-than-thou" and on "my high horse." But the truth is that my heart breaks at the thought of Salvationists who have never witnessed and who have never served Jesus' closest friends - the poor and most at risk of our society. prayer warriors are important, but Jesus needs troops on the ground who hurt at the sight of injustice and stand as God's warrior and carry the light of God into the darkest of neighborhoods.

God bless you and be assured of our prayers for your safety, provision, and provision for ministry.


Tara Ayer said...

I was at the street van last night and Beracah turned to me and said, "that guy's calves are almost as big as Rob Dolby's!" I turned and indeed the fellow had large calves but not as big as yours Robbie! I miss your calves!

Tara Ayer said...

Beracah says she misses your laugh more!

sarah said...

praise the Lord for his provision!