Friday, December 28, 2007

Grunge Again !

O.K. grab your uncles old work coat, that ugly sweater you got for your B-day three years ago, smash a glass bottle and begin to tear holes in your jeans and to top it off do not comb your hair and burn a bottle cork in order to smudge around your eyes. Welcome to grunge! I say this because I consider myself one of the great surviving members of the class of 1994. I was in first period when it was announced that Mr. C was dead (Kurt). Wow. I remember when all my aunts were excited when bell bottoms made a short comeback but I never really got why it was so exciting. Well, lately there has been this scary thing happening. Gen-x alt grunge seems to be on the rise ... again. Except there is one problem, its in the window of The Gap. I remember when my friend introduced me to the clothes by the pound thrift store. Grunge was supposed to be the big death to the man, the revolution of freedom that brought truth through insolent actions of self imposed depression and applied anti-neocolonialism. Our intentional complacency was supposed to stop the whole world, and it did ... for 15 minutes.

Anyway .. The moral ... any revolutions with someone else on the cross can just be bought and sold later to the victims of fashion.

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