Saturday, December 01, 2007

Any given Sunday !

I remember back when I first got saved, I was listening to a prophecy given on a prayer CD proclaiming that in the times to come there will be a day when there will be so many people saved and such a unity in the body of Christ that there will be no longer be any venues left big enough to accomodate corporate worship services except for professional sports stadiums.

I was at an NFL game last Sunday and was blessed to vision just such a thing. The stands filled with the saints. We'd all call ourselves 'the Church in Charlotte', not the "First Apostolic Memorial Ebeneezer Southern Primitive New Conference Church of the Holy Resurrection" @ Pine and 6th.

The collections would be long though, with 70,000 people to pass the bucket to; maybe we could just charge $54.00 like the NFL instead ?!?

Imagine a cell network in a city that was completely saved! In Charlotte that would be like 80,000 house churches; cool. There would be one on every street...

Imagine meeting all the time to pray with your neighbors and worship together and then hopping in the car pool down to the Bank of America Stadium on Sunday. The whole city would get SAVED ! Then we could send missionaries to the next city.

Do it LORD !


hennhouse said...

What an amazing visual. Thank you.

Rebekah Barnum said...

when i first became a christian, i had a dream that GM place in vancouver would be filled with youth and bands praising the lord. Love you guys :)