Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Future of the Church?

We think so...but what happens in this child's life between now and then will not be left to chance! As his church family, we are committed to walk with him step by step, to shield, suffer and succor - whatever it takes to reveal the heart of the Father in ways he can understand, appreciate and adopt.

Don't be misled friends, this Great Commission, this building the Kingdom is not a spectator sport...and yet neither is it a flimsy concept, philosophical and hard to grasp...
Building the Kingdom of God means:
Befriending a troublesome boy or girl
Reconciling quarreling parties
Breaking sad news to those concerned
Searching for your missing friends
Dedicating babies
Conducting weddings
Writing letters for others
Praying for your parish
Preaching to the saved and the unsaved
Reading the scriptures
Suggesting and directing the charities of your flock
Putting the hungry in the way of a meal
Putting the weary on the road to a bed
Caring for neglected children
Saving the drunkard and outcast
Protecting the weak
Searching the night-haunts for wayward girls
Giving the ex-prisoner a new start
Staying the suicide's hand
Visiting the sick
Training the beggar to work
Showing you the way to heaven
Conducting funerals

Caught between the smile Jesus gives me and a grin from little Cam I know I'm in deep -way over my head! I'd do anything, go anywhere and give it all up just to make a difference here on earth for Christ's sake.

And I don't mind that one bit.

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list excerpted from Adjutant Jack Sullivan in the Corry Journal, October 1, 1936

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