Sunday, August 26, 2007


'Round here we pour a lot of our focus into spending time with our neighbors. Especially the kids and teenagers. Naturally, as a result, many of them are in discipleship relationships with our missioners. It's a beautiful thing - combining McDonalds Double Cheeseburgers, Hi-C and one another's lives and it's working, we're seeing our young people grow in Christ.

Well...not too long ago I had a couple of my cell group boys show up at my door - they're both 6. They came to have a 'meeting' with me.

"How come you don't take us to McDonalds once a week like Travis takes Fred?" they asked...very seriously of course, because this was a matter of supreme justice...

"Well..." I responded, "Travis and Fred are in discipleship and that's what they's like cell group but with just one or two people and you talk about more stuff."

"And you eat double cheeseburgers?"

"Yes, sometimes."

"Well we want to have recycleship! Will you recycle us?"


Anonymous said...

LOL! So real...
and so funny.

Love those guys..
love you too!

Miss you all.

Stephanie said...

That's very funny... will you recycle us?? I love it... kids sure are great.

armybarmy said...

Beautiful. :-)