Thursday, September 13, 2007


Hey everyone !

Just an update. We have been transitioning from summer to back to school schedule, we will re-open our after school ministry this Monday. We are looking forward to cell groups kicking back up, we have renamed them J-Pods. Some exciting news, you may have caught that we live next door to a crack house. The owners contacted us and would be willing to renovate it if we would be willing to rent it. Six months ago we were cleaning it out and praying that God would give it to us, I forgot about that prayer apparently God did not !

Be blessed.


Matt said...

That is awesome. Hope you guys had a great time in Key West, and in London

aaron said...

Praise the Lord!

One dictionary definition of reconciliation is this:

The reconsecration of desolated places.

You've been given that ministry!



l said...

welcome back!

Acacia said...

Wow!!! That is incredible!!!
Does that mean Travis and Leo will be staying there? Or would it be the new community house???

I have so many questions...but I am still so stoked about that!!!
He is changing lives through you 614 encouraged.

I love you all tons...and miss my home there...I miss my family there too...

Much love.