Monday, August 13, 2007

This is an amazing picture to me, why, because a month ago this house was filled with dead bodies after a shoot out. Today little girls are playing out front celebrating life. The Psalms say that a cry from a baby will send the enemy running, just imagine sidewalk art from children drawing God's love as they see it. I do not think that the enemy could run from that, I think Jesus would make him watch.

They will rebuild the ruined cities.


Musa said...

Praise the Lord!

Ricardo Walters said...

Hi, guys...

This is Good News from half a world away! Thanks for sharing the story. It's incredible how - even though the context is different - the world is essentially the same all over. This image made me think of my own post on Uganda a couple of months back. Rebuilding. Restoring. Dancing on ruin.

Sweet stuff!