Saturday, August 25, 2007

Whats in a name ?

I was thinking about names today, probably because I was at a baby dedication.

God Bless Justice Andrew Mikles, you are cool !

But also during our students debrief this week they had to share highlights of their year at The War College. One student in sharing pulled out a paper with everyones name on it that she got to minister to this year, wow. Now our big thing here in Charlotte when we invite people here to minister is, get to know your neighbors name. We believe that if you can know everybodies name then God can open the door to the hard work and let love flow through, it may seem too simple but it works for us. So she shared this page with us and it had almost 200 names on it, and not just random names but names of people that she got to love, weep with, share her food and most of all share Jesus with. That's cool that one girl in a 'hood could change what it looks like both in the physical and spiritual all by introducing herself. That's community and that's Jesus.

Who are the people in your neighborhood ?

Whats their name ?

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