Saturday, February 03, 2007

Treat of the Week

Today was a great day. I mean, usually Saturdays are eventful (12.20.06 and 11.26.06 for example) but today was just plain enjoyable.
My Saturday cell group has looked a bit different since we came back from the holidays, mostly because I got home from vacation and realized that a whole bunch of families had moved away in a 2 week period.
Okay, maybe not a whole bunch - just 2 - but it feels like a whole bunch, because that's 2 families = 7 kids.
So instead of 8 or 9 shining faces around my table, I was down to 5 last week and then this week there was just 1.
So instead of trying to make a big lunch at my house, plan an activity and have group prayer time, like we normally would, we broke tradition andchopped in the van and had cell group at McDonalds...and it worked out great! (Shocker - who knew McD's was popular with kids haha)

She was free to chat my ear off about whatever she liked because she didn't have to compete with any other little voices and she had my whole attention and a happy meal.

That's all. Nothing 'profound' to report...just a deeping of relationship - my personal 'treat of the week' (!)

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