Saturday, February 10, 2007


What joy there is in serving our lord.

I spent an hour playing with little kids this morning; and I know there is no greater joy to the Lord's heart than to join in with them.

A couple of years back I attended Caribou Hill Corps in Canada and during a preaching series there were different stations set up in worship. There was hand washing, prayer requests, confession, the usual except for one, the play with Jesus station, at this station there were toys and balls and jump ropes. You were to grab a toy during worship and play, have some fun.

The play station was the most difficult station for people to engage in, not including Elaine G and Steve C who made fools of themselves for Jesus; they just ran around with weeeeeeeee's and yeaaaaaaaaa's. There was something there, a wall, that said "this is too silly for God." "After all he is a God of order. " I didn't get it, and I missed out; God likes to play in worship.

The thing is this. The world is not afraid of what other people think, just go to an NFL game or a bar on Saturday night, people are off the chain. Sure they may have liquor but hey we have Holy Spirit, eternal life, liberty.

Can you see it ... 5 guys in church tomorrow lifting up their shirts in the balcony to reveal their painted bellies displaying ... J . E . S . U . S or someone starting the wave, it could be like super-church.

I do not know ! It is outside the box but if anyone wants to take me up on it I'll be the E.

If this offends you, sorry, but go study Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Isaiah and find some of the crazy things God had them do in church.

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staci said...

those are scary thoughts . . . very cool ones, though.