Sunday, February 18, 2007


I have been using my personal study times lately to study the philosophical understandings of justice and faith, so I thought I would share some thoughts.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau's
"Man was born free,and he is everywhere in chains. Those who think themselves the masters of others are indeed greater slaves than they."
The Social Contract translated by Maurice Cranston

From Socrates ...
The unexamined life is not worth living and the unlived life is not worth examining

St Anselm ...
God cannot be conceived not to exist. God is that, than which nothing greater can be conceived. That which can be conceived not to exist is not God.

Saint Thomas Aquinas ...
whatever is done voluntarily must be traced back to some higher cause other than human reason and will, since these can change and fail; for all things that are changeable and capable of defect must be traced back to an immovable and self-necessary first principle ... GOD.

I wonder where and who are are post-modern Anselem's and Aquinas' are. Those who will be the great defenders of truth. Going to hear Plato speak would have been the equivalent to going to see a movie or catch the latest podcast.

What are the cultural equivalents to corporate reason that reveal Christ ?

How will we engage them to advance truth and justice ?

To be continued ...


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Joe West said...

Martin Luther has an interesting take on philosophy. I tend to agree with him :)