Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Faithful cords of love

Sometimes God just amazes me with how faithful he truly is. His promise to go after the one lost sheep continually shatters my fleshly expectations. If you read our blog you may remember us sharing one of the toughest days ever, when CPS came and removed 2 brothers and 1 sister from their mom's custody. The blessing is that we are still in contact with the children and one of our friends still gets to come to her J-Pod (small group) every week now. The greater blessing is that today after school we are picking her up and taking her out, unfortunately to a cold government building, but one where her 2 Brothers will be waiting to visit with her. It is extremely hard in so many ways, but still so amazing how God can be so faithful to keep a family connected even through brutal brokenness.

The LORD places the lonely in families but even moreso he fights to keep them there. Amen!

P.s. We now have a community web site to share more of what is happening, check it out at , Its growing and will soon be a place for our small groups to connect in cyberspace. Also soon we will be able to highlight some of the justice issues in our community and what God is doing about it.

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