Tuesday, July 24, 2007


For another couple of weeks, we have a missioner from the Vancouver campus of The War College, here for his summer placement. Matt and I were talking yesterday about his upcoming graduation and his overall experience at The War College. The conversation got me thinking of some of the highlights from my year at TWC, and I have created a top-ten list of my War College and 614 Vancouver experiences.

1. Meeting my wife and clearly hearing the voice of God say "Isn't she beautiful and lovely." Then me responding "YES!" and then The LORD saying "She's the perfect one." Amen.

2. My leaders, who not only brought me back from the dead but who also taught me why life was worth living abundantly.

3. Early prayer meetings in The Empress. They were kicking.

4. Street ministry with Commissioner Wesley Harris - He got us invited into a private drug party where he shared Christ with the owner of an Amsterdam style pot bar. The owner was so offended that we tried to get in, that after we were bounced out he came out following us down the street angrily exclaiming " What does the Sally Ann want with my place?!"
He thought we were coming to protest or to report him, The Commissioner simply replied " We heard the coffee was great and thought we would try a cup." The owner was stunned, "What !" " You want to come in for coffee, at my place?" The commissioner said "Certainly." So the owner invited us into his private booth, and insisted on buying our coffee, while he took hits off his bong. I have never seen spiritual evangelical authority like that before and I have not since. We turned down the brownies though.

5. Invading the same pot cafe with prayer and a Booth Tucker Institute love assault. Major Doug Burr, now area commander of Rhode Island, led this one and less than a week after, the place was burnt to the ground. Shut down. Praise God, and by the way no one was hurt in the mysterious fire.

6. Elaine's Chai Tea and all the love that came with every cup.

7. General Eva Burrows visit, especially at the opening of a new shelter. As we all heartily sang "Storm the forts of darkness," She wielded a hefty sledge hammer and rammed it right through a solid wall. Amen.

8. Club intercession with Jenn Ivany, Man she can dance with the worldliest of 'em.

9. Shopping cart open-airs. Enough said.

10. Watching Jesus save people from Hell.

I have so many more, but I'll save them for my memoirs in 30 years.


Anonymous said...

You should do a top ten list of the craziest moments... oddly enough, I'm sure one them also involved a shopping cart and Narelle. :)

Good stuff there. I too especially miss the Chai and the love that came with it. The cookies were always welcome as well.

Richard Munn said...

Great list Rob!

To which I would personally add the 1st Fullness on snow buffeted Mount Baker in 2004 when the original War College session took the gathering by storm themselves, generating so much kinetic spiritual energy that for 48 hours food and sleep seemed like inconsequential irritants.

God bless you – storm trooper extraordinaire!


Aaron said...

1. When the Martyr session all got drunk on the Spirit for a few months,

2. Squeezing 20 people into room 504 to pray,

3. Leading 150 teens from RAW to a hotel protest. The owner gave in,

4. Fullness when the kids came in and started annointing people with oil (LOTS of oil) and praying in healing and fullness. I remember Danielle saying: "Uh oh. Here come the Warriors!"

5. Some of the early Sunday School meetings with Rob and the Kids at the Haven. Remember those?

6. Teaching my son Joshua to prophesy. And then him doing it. And it working.

7. Watching children take Oppenheimer Park.

8. Having a Spiritual kegger with Danielle and the Extreme Prophetic Crew during a justice school.

9. Intimidating Johns (rapists) in their cars late at night with Donny M.

10. All-night prayer sessions with Jon E. and others in the new War Room.

And so many others. I could easily do a 10 weirdest moments list as well.