Saturday, July 28, 2007

Crazy Times ...

Someone requested a top craziest list ... Here goes.

1. Jonathan E finding a special B-day present in an alley. (A Corpse)

2. On street combat, someone throwing a glass bottle at Danielle and Zion; they were offended that there was a baby in the DTES.

3. Watching people wash themselves in the toilets at Crosswalk cause there were no showers to be found.

4. Watching people inject each other in the jugular vein.

5. Wheel Chair Roger jumping out of his chair and running after someone with his knife, or when he cast his fishing rod with hook into females bottoms for fun.

6. The Washington hotel giving out glasses of Lysol to residents for "cleaning purposes."

7. Waking up in my hotel room with a strange man eating out of my garbage can.

8. The Police allowing people to convulse in the road.

9. A body landing at my feet from a forth floor window.

10. A demon possessed man crashing a Robert Marshall homiletics class, we held him down and cast out the evil spirit(s). Our teacher was not really aware of this part of the curriculum and had quite a strange look on his face when asking some students, "What is going on in the next room." and with screams and howls chilling the room, some students responding " Oh they are just casting out some demons in there."

There are just a few.


Bakes said...

Oh my goodness my life is tame.



Miss you guys like crazy. Seriously.
Much much MUCH love,

cherie said...

Thanks for the reminder than living here is not normal. I forget that from time to time. It was a good laugh at 2:00am, as I can't sleep after a great war room shift. PTL fro what he is doing down here despite how crazy it is...Thriving in chaos!!! I miss you guys too. Grace, Cherie

Sheri said...

wow. thanks for reminding me that just when i think things are at their could always be worse.

hope you guys are doing well. i miss hearing about the wonderful things you're doing.