Sunday, May 06, 2007

Whats the mission

Today at cell group one of our new kids asked me, " so what is the mission."

I gave him the speech etc. The thing is though as I was sharing our vision for community and restoration it did not excite me, I was not taken aback. It reminded me that we need to be asking ourselves this question more often, and when we do we better be about to burst with joy; at least that is my desire.

I want to reinspire myself everytime I tell someone what I do for Jesus. After all I am alive forever in joy made complete in eternal love sent from Heaven above that fills my soul with Glory. Amen !

Whats your mission?

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winning the world for jesus said...

my mission to be like jesus to as many people as i can, to be a light in the darkness and the love of christ shines like a dawn in me and other people would see it and want that same love.