Saturday, May 19, 2007

Fill It Up !

I filled our mini-van, well the Generals mini-van, up last week when we were on vacation and it cost me 52.2 % of my weekly salary. That was more than my rent or food, sure I only make $ 175 dollars after taxes but that is crazy.

This made me think though, and I'm not trying to be a conspiracy theorist; I'm over that, if economics keep going the way that they are we may have some serious issues to deal with.

ONE - If fuel increased 50 % in the next 5 years it would cost a substantial amount to transport people back and forth to their worshiping communities. Plus I think that people would be less likely to use fuel to go to Church, this would impact attendance and eventual the core programs that are barely alive now. (no offence)

TWO - If an economic trend of inflation, increasing interest rates, and a higher cost of living continues in general people would be forced to collapse their social lives and fellowshiping from what it currently looks like. Mega Churches would implode and become empty super-structures.

THE ANSWER - Small Group Ministry. If all our current amenities and conveniences were lost the Church could only survive by coming together in local tight knit bodies of worship. What does this look like, well, it looks like neighbors meeting together in each others homes, sharing so that no one went without. The neighborhood that consists of several or dosens of small groups would still worship together but the flesh and bones of this super-simple-natural Church would be neighbors sharing their lot, be it simple, in order that every person would have enough. Even if the greatest economic depression of history hit America these cell based Churches would thrive and grow.

Love would be its fuel.


Johnny said...

Hey Heather,

That is a good topic to discuss. How often do we consider the effects that inflation has on Christian fellowship and corporate worship.

Thanks for the insights.


Andrew said...

True. I agree. Maybe it would be a good thing for the church if this happened?
Andrew s

614:firecrest said...

these last few posts have been all Rob...I can't take the credit.