Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Family Seasons

I have been praying a lot lately about different seasons that Jesus gives us, how some are close to our families and others take us far away. I really have experienced that by following God's will, even if it is far away from friends and family, us being obedient really frees Him up to move in our families. I have experienced a blessing watching him touch our family even as we have been far away, such a blessing !

It is still hard being away though and some tears were shed together thinking how short the moments are when we get back into the groove of morning coffee with Mom and Dad, home cooked meals, kisses on the cheek, familiar smells and sights etc.

I am also learning that our families are equally due our witness the same as each person we minister to at mission; and that Jesus has placed many divine opportunities to share his love right around the dinner table at home.

Thank God for family; let's cherish each and every moment.

As Psalm 68 says ... God takes the lonely and places them in families. Families are his model of community and fellowship.

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leo Killion said...

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