Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Thanks for all you who have been praying for my health...I'm feeling heaps better today. By the way, for anyone who may have gotten the slightly wrong idea, it's just a cold/sinusitis. I'm not pregnant.

Still, taking the day to 'rest' yesterday, I sure was able to get a lot of work done. (!) That's always something that I feel really good about, when I can cross something off of my to-do list and have a sense of satisfaction and completion. I think that's why when I have a major project to complete, I'll often procrastinate by doing random housework, because at least then, I can have a sense of 'doneness' from something mundane like washing dishes, or folding laundry that doesn't always come with the more large scale, like planning an event. We always know when those days are rolling around, because I'm dusting like a madwoman.

Last night, I went to pick up a couple of the boys, Jimmie and MarJuan for cellgroup. As we're driving back to my place, one of them pipes up,

"Hey, my best friend lives over here."
The other boy chimes in
"Mine too!"
So naturally, I said
"Who is your best friend?"
In unison, they declared

Ronald?I don't know no Ronald...and I said so too.
"No!!" They cried, "Robert!"
Robert? Hmm.
"Wait, do you mean my husband Robert?"

"Yeah," they said, "He's our best friend."

well, that's weird, I thought! How is it that some 30yr old white guy with a big belly laugh is their best friend?
Jimmie answered my question,
"I remember when we was at the pool (this summer) and Robert said 'Do you guys want to come and hang out with us?' And we said yes, and so he started to come and pick us up, and he never stopped. And then one day, he said 'Do you know where Jesus is?' and I said 'yeah, he's in my heart, but I see Him in you too, Robert."

So, basically here's what we do. We show up regularly, and we talk about Jesus. And somehow, on a Monday night, it all seems to work, kids feel loved, we feel blessed and Jesus smiles.


sonflowerpixie said...

I love your posts sooooo much!! They make me smile and they remind me what ministry and life is really all about. You are all doing an AMAZING job ( though I know it is not a job and it is God who fuels it). I love hearing about it and I LOVE seeing it in action.
Love you guys a bunch

Fiona said...

That makes me smile too ....see?

michelle said...

I too wanted to say how much I love you guys. :)

Anonymous said...

You guys are both awesome, You both are doing a great job down there. Love you both!