Friday, November 10, 2006

Extreme CRACKHOUSE Makeover

When we first started webloging.

( I think Websters will be forced into this one )
SIDEBAR: Did you know that "walkman" added to the dictionary in the 80's was very controversial ?

We seemed to have many more drama filled action stories, they were all true and we still have our share of excitement but I suppose some of them have just become the par for course. This is a danger in incarnational ministry, allowing the shocking and sublime to become the mundane.

In Vancouver some of us started a protocol of saying to one another " that's Not Normal," specifically in situations that were, and yes there is situations that are, NOT NORMAL. My brother and braveheart Aaron White started bloging on " You will not see that in Orageville, Ontario. (armybarmy annals)

One initiative we have started here in Charlotte is the
EXTREME CRACKHOUSE MAKEOVER, we have several active Crackhouses within yards of our homes, drop-in and neighbourhood, and they have become not only a haven for drug use, prostitution and gambling but also playgrounds for our YP congregation. So we decided to "Open Fire" on these Crack Houses. We started by going to Wal-mart, our silent partner in the fight on sin, and picking up supplies ...

Shovels, buckets, gloves, latex gloves to go in the gloves, industrial strength garbage bags, tongs, and filter masks ( if you have any allergies to mold or dust you wouldn't last without the masks.)

Then we just went in and started to clean up, it took days just to make a dent in the human waste and garbage, we pray everytime we go in for God's protection and grace (highly recommended for Extreme Crackhouse Makeovers.) Then we ripped up all the carpeting and underpadding and began to bord up all the windows. Soon this one den of iniquity will be sealed off.

The cool thing though, I called the owners to explain what we were doing and they came over to check it out. They were totally blessed and now that they can see the potential are beginning further restorations to fix up this house for a family to live in.

I love it. That's REbuilding, REnewing and REstoring.

The question.
How much of that was physical and how much of that was spiritual ?
The answer.
There was no delineation to Jesus !

See, Jesus walked in this perfect balance between change in the spiritual and physical, He linked them with his hands, feet and heart. He turned the table, touched the untouchable and practiced the spiritual presence of God through it all.

The spirit of prophecy is the testimony of Jesus Rev 19:10

Can we prophecy with soup and soap ?

I do !

Sergeant Robbie Dolby


Kristen said...

changing the world - one bag at a time! very inspiring!

Anonymous said...

Freaking awesome you guys, keep up the good work

Staci said...

awesome and incredible!

Aura Burditt said...

I hear what God is doing in Charlotte and I am and Heather are awesome!


soulpadre said...

so awesome. Christ be praised!

Aurora said...

Your writing is both convicting and exhilerating! Much love to the crew!