Monday, November 06, 2006

I've been rather under the weather the last day or so, and my husband has been encouraging me to stay in bed and sleep...makes sense enough. But my dilemma is, that if I sleep, then I miss out on time that I could be relaxing...does that make sense? Haha, likely not.
Anyways, I can't sleep, so I thought I'd fill you all in on some of the goings on lately down here in JT Williams.

Psalm 15:5 (MSG) Keep your word, even when it costs you.

We make a point of telling the kids, that if they ever need help, they can come and ask us and we'll do our best to help them. Last week, one of our cellmates came to the door and said "Can you give my Auntie a ride somewhere? It's really important and it'll only take a few minutes."
At this point, it was late in the evening, we were 15 minutes away from going somewhere ourselves, and rarely does driving somebody somewhere take only 10 minutes...but, I said yes. A very reluctant yes. THe kind of yes that is 99% Jesus and 1% Heather.
I went down and spoke with the Auntie and it turns out that she left her purse at her work, which was just up the road.
No problem. I asked them to meet me around front at the van. As I walked back into the house to get the keys, I heard my little friend (by now doing a victory dance) declare "See Auntie? I told you that they'd help us, that's what these folks do, they help people."
Wow. Humble my boat...

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Stephanie said...

That's a great story...

Hope you're feeling better soon... of course, then that means that you no longer have a good excuse to stay in bed and relax...:)