Thursday, February 21, 2008

And the winner is ..... Corporal Travis Roberts

Hey guys, thanks for all the encouragement and prayer.

Corporal Travis Roberts, TWC Martyr and a Phase II Grad, has been named interim urban outpost director in Charlotte. He is well suited and well on fire for the appointment.

He has been with us in Charlotte for almost the whole two years and has literally run straight into gunfire to protect the local kids. Thats the main requirement for a position around here.

He really did!

Travis has a deep love for Jesus' friends and the able hands to do something about it. My only regret is that I will miss him being with us in Toronto. He is able and so is he.

This blog will continue to be up and running so that you can to continue to get updates from Travis' team in Charlotte.

We will have a new one soon.


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Stephanie said...

Nice. Travis will be great... let us know your new blog soon!