Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A silent murder

I was sad today when one of the War College students told me about a homicide in the 'hood. Tracy was pushed off of a freeway bridge and died.
We had limited contact with her, really only a few hello's and goodbye's, she came to our house for water once in a while; but it's not all that that bothers me. What I can not understand is how her death never made it into any of the media, why is it only through word of mouth that we will remember her life. Next door to our home is an abandoned house where Tracy spent time, I saw her there this week, and today all her "friends" are still there smoking crack; but no one seems to miss her, it is as if she never even was.

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Haven Bartton said...

I suppose the unfortunate state of our world is that this sort of thing happens all too frequently.

When we ask ourselves "what are we going to do about it", what is the answer? Honestly, I've never asked myself that and waited long enough for an answer to come. That's how weak I am, and likely most others in our western world.