Wednesday, March 21, 2007

looking for a mission injection?

Check it out...

2007 Booth-Tucker Institute
Downtown Eastside Vancouver

hosted by: The War College Vancouver Campus
host: Jonathan Evans, The War College (VC)
leader Chaplain: Ian Gillingham, 614 London
dates: June 8-15, 2007.

: BTI is a one-week, leaders' incarnational refresher in Canada's poorest postal code. Last year a dozen leaders from LO to Colonel, from Australia to Sweden, joined for a
rich spiritual experience. cost: $250cdn.
(by the way, that's only $215 US!)

For more info: or

1 comment:

wilsonian said...

I miss the Empress. Hard to imagine.

It was so great to get to meet you both while in Vancouver a few weeks ago, hanging out with the Linwood House folks.

Been thinking a lot about the word Rob graced me with... and I know I had it all wrong... it had not much to do with me, and was about Kingdom. But I have a feeling something was left unsaid... was hoping if you remember at all, you'd flip me an email.

Glad I found your space here. I'll be tracking with you.