Thursday, January 25, 2007's your church life?

I was browsing the online community tonight and I came across this testimony from a brother who has started attending a cell group/small group after years in 'the church'. He lists the impact it is having on him and I think it is useful to post it for you to read.
How's your church life?

For the first time with a group (of Christian people), there are 2 things I don't feel.

# 1 ~ I don't feel like a project that the group is determed to "Fix". I don't feel that any pressure to fit into a mold that is the group's idea of what a Christian should be.

# 2 ~ I don't feel like an outsider. The group doesn't treat me like I'm an inconvenience or someone to be tolerated.

Now for what I do feel....

# 1 ~ Loved. My churchmates love me. I know this. They smile when they see me. They include me in vertually everything. We share our joys, sorrows. Basically we share everything.

# 2 ~ Valued. i feel like my opinions matter and what I have to say has merit. Not only that but I am valued as a person, a friend and a brother.

# 3 ~ appreciated. I don't feel pressure to do or say anything. But when I do contribute (I cook occassionally) the group appreciates it and tend to eat like hungry truckers. This brings joy to my heart.

As I pondered the experience later, I could only think that that is what the early church was like. True fellowship, true love, true faith in action. Bonds were strengthened and community was fortified. Praise the Lord.

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Wow. Someone quoted me. coolness. It is nice to know that not only do people read my blog, but it makes sense to someone other than me.


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