Thursday, January 25, 2007

I was listening to a preach today while I took down and stowed away the remnants of Christmas at our house (yeah...I know...long overdue) and the came upon a provocative statement:

"Now listen to me, I believe that you are really far down the road to spiritual maturity when you can really know yourself, know your strengths, know your weaknesses, be able to admit them to yourself and to the people you're in relationship with, and even let them help you keep yourself in line without being offended when they do that. " Joyce Meyer

That was probably a run-on sentence, but if you can get past that, wowee eh? What a zinger.

Now, your first time reading it through, you might think "meh...makes sense, but really Heather, it's nothing to get all excited, over is it?"
Well, I think so.
It's one of those 'easier read than done' statements. Let me unpack that a bit.
Yesterday I met with my new accountability partner. It really was a top drawer meeting. We went all out - at least I know I did. I was able to share a lot of stuff that has been steeping on my inside for quite some time. She is really easy to talk to. Until I arrived at my last item. It was a toughie...
I've gotten to the place with myself where I can admit where I am weak, yet acknowledge my potential if I just hunker down and do the discipline. I was able to share what the issue was, but balked at the "please help me" part. The answerability. Letting her in so that she can help me to keep myself in line. That's touchy!
I've gone down this accountability road before, where I have chosen to become offended by people doing just the very thing that I asked them to do, by choosing to get caught up on 'how' they do it, or their tone of voice, or their level of smirkiness (as I sensitively perceive it).

It's not easy to give up the right to become's like surrendering an instant defense mechanism, a faithful old friend, a tried and true way of ensuring that I get to stay the same, stale me and everybody else has to back off...

And yet, all sulkiness and storminess aside, it feels like it may be a new season. How refreshing and lovely!

"My beloved speaks and says to me, Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away.
For, behold, the winter is past; the rain is over and gone.The flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing has come..." Solomon's Song 2:10-12

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