Friday, December 01, 2006

Selah this on a Friday Morning...

"If you are finding Christianity to be boring, then you are probably doing it wrong."

Aaron White, Corps Sargeant Major
@ 614 Vancouver Salvation Army

What is Selah? ( Hebrew: סלה)
Meaning "stop and listen", within the context of a prayer or psalms.
It is similar in purpose to Amen in that it stresses the importance of the preceding passage.
In this way, Selah is thought to imply that one should pause and reflect on what has been said.

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Sheri said...

glad to see i'm not the only one up at weird hours in the morning. i miss you guys and am grateful to have a connection to you...if only through cyberspace. i love this quote but am inspired by your previous postings. we all have our fears...thank you for laying it all on the line. i, too, ran up the basement stairs terrified of the 'thing' that was going to pull me down...i even did it on the main floor up to the second. (and you thought you had issues!!!)