Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Take The Land, NOW !

So Heather, Cory and I, Rob, got home from Roots 06, where we were all blessed wonderfully. Heather and I then got our first night in our new home, Praise the LORD. As we were unpacking I went over to our bedroom window and was like " hey Heather there are two guys with guns outside our window." So Heather did her little normal giggle she usually does when I say funny things. I was serious though, there were two guys pulled onto our lawn and standing with their trunk open brandishing several firearms, so I call Heather over in a more serious tone to check it out, as Heather gets to the window three more cars pull up to our house and two guys run out of those cars on to our lawn holding handguns at the first two guys, after an argument and a small scuffle everyone took off and no one was shot, praise God. We were a little freaked out for a minute considering this all took place three feet from our bedroom window, but as we prayed God filled us and our house with such a wonderfull peace, it was beautiful and such a gift. I began to invoke a scripture Gram Kendrich prophised over the Roots 06 delegation, it is from Psalm 125 vs 3 and it says

" The septer of the wicked will not remain over the land allotted to the
righteous ... "
Wow, this is our promise as soldiers; in our 24/7 War Room in Vancouver there is a banner that says "Take the Land." I believe this is our call as Salvation Soldiers, to reclaim the worst parts, the most frightening parts of Gods earth, remembering that we do this by his Spirit, in his Name, to which every Knee will bow and every Demon shudders, NICE! I dont want any special props for being hardcore, cause I am not, I do however want to see more and more of Gods Soldiers "Marching as to War."I believe we will win if we fight in the strength of the King.


Jamie said...

HALLELUJAH!! I was really stirred by that word, too. Ooh...great HS chills all over!
It was great seeing you guys this weekend. I love ya'll millions!

BVMS said...


Would you have let me call the cops that time??

Ahhh,.. memories of Tuesday night cell at the crosswalk!!


stephen said...


Aurora said...

so good getting to pray with you guys last night....I'd tell Heather that Psalm 138 has been a favorite of mine since forever, but she probably already knew that! Much love, guys, and glad you have heat tonight!

winning the world for jesus said...

Hallejuah, Praise the lord
blessing to you both in your lovely new home.

YOU DONT KNOW MEEEeeee said...

wow...i hope my welcome into the 'hood is that much fun! although- its gotta be different or ppl will be, like "yeah- we've heard that one before..." so, perhaps they sould have tanks and bazookas instead of cars and handguns...yeah, that would be a good story...

Stephen P. Bell said...

hello rob. hello heather. this is stephen p. bell. i had no idea you even had a blog. how very exciting.

i have no idea what your e-mail address is, so forgive me if this sounds more like a letter than a "post" (as the kids are calling it these days). but in all, this is more a note confirming that you are both missed and loved.

i hope you are both well: i
it seems so as i read what you both have written. how is life treating you in nc?
is it even more exciting than vancouver? the same? just different? i've always wanted to see NC, but it remains one of the few places in the states I have yet to venture. from what i hear, it's beautiful and you are blessed to be there.

anyway, i'm sure you both have more than enough things to do so i'll let you go.

i hope to see you soon.

much love,

made4war said...

I would have run outside and started dancing around them but that's just me.

soulpadre said...

Yeah, go God! As Dad Lyell Rader would pray, "Place a ring of fire around them!"