Sunday, January 29, 2006

Just an update ... bless you'all who have been praying for us, God is so good. We feel so safe and secure in our neighbourhood, God continues to confirm our place here; our neighbours are very welcoming and we are getting many opportunities to minister to the needs in our community we have identified so far, and are really just trying to keep up with Holy Spirit on the move.
He is moving; we have been approved for Territorial Incentive Funding, which means we will be supported financially as we plant an official outpost. On top of that we also received a gift from several Salvation Army elders of 25, 000 Dollars as seed money, so know that all your prayers are being answered in a way that our minds can not perceive.

Thank you for your prayers, if you would like to recieve an update from our front please Email us at

How great is our God ?

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Darren Hailes said...

That IS good news!