Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Highz n Lowz

We have a tradition that you will likely find at many a 614 cell group meeting worldwide - highs and lows. Each participant shares a Highlight of their week and a Lowpoint in their week.

The highs and lows shared end up becoming prayer fuel for thre group each other as well as enriching the fellowship by making discussion real and tangible.

Some highs and lows from my Jpod (cell group) tonight broke my heart .....

High - playing Football tonight as Jpod activity.
Low - My Mom has not been home for a month and I have to just get food however.

High - I have a big brother now. He let me move in with him since his Mom hasn't com home for a month.
Low - I do not know where my Mom is.

High - Football.
Low - I have not seen my Dad for years and I do not know where he is.

High -Football.
Low -I came home yesterday and all the adults at my house were gone out of town, and they didn't pay any bills so now all the power is cut off.

Those were just a few, but you can see the trend. The average age of these kids is 13-14, and they are orphans. Not necessarily in the 3rd world sense, but even amid our modern society many children live day to day without parents and basic services.

This is when the enemy comes to prey on them in the form of Drugs, Prostitution, and Larceny. The root of all this is the abandonment of entire generations of children to the streets where opportunist criminals become their big brothers and sisters. Their family.

It truly is a reverse Gospel. A false community that allows the rejected to become accepted and provided for. The reason why it works is because it is because this 'street family' is based on relationship not programs, so as long as the Church continues to fight injustice and oppression with programs alone, whole generations will continue to slip away.

The reality is that that hungry, cold lonely kid can either go up to the corner 24-7 and get "help," or on the other hand get hooked up with some church, in some place, who will sometimes offer his Mother a bag of broken lasagna and canned green beans that nobody else wanted between 1pm and 2pm every other Thursday. That's assuming she's got all her proper I.D., of course.

If we begin to value community building over 'the building' it would make all the difference in some kids world.

If we left the building and went to the community we would change the world.

I know that God is going to win, and that He has already, I just don't want to lose anyone along on the journey to the victory party.

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Stephanie said...

Amen... I LOVE the point you are making here... and you make it so well...