Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I know this is graphic but it is what many young people are going home to do after school. Have sex. Not with a person but on the new hottest video game, Grand Theft Auto, Vice City stories.

You will notice by the image you are prompted to use the video game controller to have intercourse, change sexual positions, and to win raise your lust level to the point of release.
You are graded on your performance based on speed and rhythm and afterwards you can pay her or beat her and steal her purse.

Video game violence and content was not a mystery to me before but this new game has left me speechless. The new cool thing for kids after school is to rape, murder, assault, commit arson and be rewarded. It is even more scary that they can do it from a remote location, totally disassociated from the reality of it all. There is no conscious because it is seemingly "not real," but the spiritual and emotional damage is immensely real, and ultimately devastating to the innocence and purity of youth.

The scripture says that we are to not be " unaware " of the enemies schemes, this is a brutal tactic of Satan; to create a generation that can act out the worst evils of society right before dinner time.


winning the world for jesus said...

that is crazy, man we live in a mess up world and praise the lord we are not of this world

Stephanie said...

What!?! I've never liked Grand Theft Auto, but that is just sickening. Thanks for making me aware of what's out there... a game that I know kids are getting their hands on and playing, and not thinking twice about it.

Victory of the People said...

just when i thought video games couldnt get worse

Johnny said...

I'm sick of people taking advantage of the freedoms of expression in this country.

There has to be a limit. Surely, if radio hosts can't say "Nappy-headed hos," then no one should be able to sell video games with pronography.

This is a wierd world.